Are classes just for women?

No! We're here for, and as the whole body of Christ, and that includes men and women of all ages and life stages. Even children 12 and up are welcome to attend. We strive to make each class challenging for people who are trying to maintain their health goals and yet still achievable for people who are just starting or trying to meet their health goals. Most movements can be modified and we believe that resting is not quitting!

Do you have to be a Christian?

No, we are here to work with anyone that desires better health and wholeness in their life. And all are welcome to attend our classes and events. If you are looking for a welcoming and encouraging environment to start moving your body and work towards health, this is the place for you! Contact us with any questions or uncertainties. We are here to give you more information or set any worries at ease! There is a place for you at this table!

Do you work with people one on one?

Of course, we can do that! If its your preference to sweat alone we are happy to help! But we will eventually gently encourage you to try a class. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable is the benchmark of Revelation Wellness classes. We are not free if we are simply proficient in avoiding our discomforts... true freedom lies on the other side of those discomforts. Trust us! Each person in class has been there! And you can too!

What is Revelation Wellness?

Revelation Wellness is a global fitness ministry primarily known for faith filled, fun and affordable, live, virtual and on demand workouts. Since 2007 they have been dedicated to educating and inspiring people to live healthy and whole lives in Christ, so we can love others well. It’s their mission to use fitness as a tool to spread the Good News Gospel Message of Jesus! We believe that as the body of Christ gets healthy and whole, we will be fit for our purpose—to proclaim and spread the love of God to the ends of the earth. They desire to impact the world for good by bringing health and healing into a lost and hurting world.