Faith Fitness

Faith and Fitness? What's that all about?   

Did you know that approximately 64% of Canadians are Christians? And over 60% of Canadians are overweight? Not to mention the large percentage of us who maybe are not overweight but we feel weighed down by life and unfit for the pressures we face. As strange as it may sound, there is something thoroughly transforming when we combine our faith and our fitness. Moving our bodies and being reminded of God's promises is nothing less than exhilarating! Do you want more out of your workout than just sore muscles? Do you want to learn to see yourself the way that God sees you? I can promise you one thing... You are stronger than you think.

Come and unite with the spirit of freedom! Ridiculous freedom! Try a class today!

Worthy Wellness offers Fitness classes for all levels. Most movements can be modified and resting is not quitting!

Our High Impact Classes will get that heart rate up and those muscles burning as we move between strength training, circuits, drumstick routines, kick boxing and dance cardio. There is a bible based message we centre on each day and you will be reminded of this message as you move your body throughout the class.

Our Low Impact Classes offer a warmup followed by gentle stretching and strengthening techniques combined with scripture meditation and breathe prayer. This helps to decrease stress, body aches and pains, while increasing flexibility and strength. These classes end with devotion and a period of rest and reflection.

See our classes page to sign up! Invite a friend to sign up and receive a discount!