Live/Dry Blood Microscopy - $90

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis - $149

220 Panel Food Intolerance Test - $389



Full Analysis (E2, T, Pg, DS, Cx4, Stress markers & Melatonin) - $389

Wellness Daily Cycle (E2, T, Pg, DS, Cx4) - $287

Wellness Plus (E2, T, Pg, DS, Cx2) - $235

Wellness Check (E2, T, Pg, DS, C) - $208

Adrenal Check (C x 4, DS) - $208

Single Hormone - $65

*Cortisol (C), DHEA-S (DS), Testosterone (T), Progesterone (Pg), 17-B Estradiol (E2).
Cortisol levels should fluctuate through the day being highest in the morning and lowest at night. (C) means checking levels once in 24 hours, Cx2 means twice and Cx4 tests four times.
There are a multitude of packages and pricing may vary slightly from Male to Female.
Intestinal Health Analysis - We offer a multitude of packages ranging from $129 to $454
It is easiest to contact us to discuss options.

Cortisol Hair Analysis - $129 

OmegaScore Whole Blood Test - $139 

*Prices are subject to change and do not include tax*

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