Here at Worthy Wellness we aim to help people get a clearer picture of who they are and what healthy means and looks like for them. Because lets face it, we are all created different and therefore our path to health is equally as unique.

Christine is a Nursing student, Certified Photo Comparative Live Blood Analyst, Health and Wellness Life Coach and a Revelation Wellness Fitness Instructor. She is a wife, mother and firm believer in faith. Her hope is to guide you in discovering what your body needs to thrive, provide a safe and encouraging space for you to do so, and to help you put your best foot forward in all areas of your life.

Have you ever struggled with your weight? Do you feel exhausted and are not sure why? Do you often wonder if you are the only one who has that pain or feels so hopeless? Do you want more from life and the energy to reach your goals? This list of questions can go on and on. If you find yourself saying yes, book an appointment today. Hope is not lost and freedom is waiting!