Helping When Hands Feel Tied

News reels of statistics, border closings, infection rates and death tolls. Headlines announce unsteady economies, needs for social distancing and government cover ups. It is an unprecedented time to say the least and it can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling hopeless or wondering what you could possibly do to help.

My church has been participating in a devotional for the season of lent called 40 Acts; The Lent Generosity Challenge. You can find it on The Bible App (YouVersion) if you feel led to check it out. Today was an example of how we can never know the full impact of even the smallest of caring gestures. I loved how the author drove home the idea that God’s plans are strategic and they often look different than we expect … “We trust in a Saviour who left heaven to be a carpenter in Nazareth to save us”… Coming as a simple carpenter is not exactly how you would expect an all powerful God to come and save the world.

As we continue to navigate this global pandemic, this bible study continues to offer me great comfort. Any healthy human being has the desire to help and of course it is always nice to feel that help is meaningful and worthwhile. As we are forced daily to take greater measures to instill safety it can begin to feel like our hands are being tied, that we are not doing enough or that God is absent entirely. Of course as Christians we know the latter is never true. He is with us always and his plans always work to good.

There is a quilt over the back of our couch that my Mother made. It is impressive in its size and I can’t even imagine how many stitches have gone into holding it together. Each of those stitches on their own do not seem all that integral but without each one, the quilt would still lay unfinished. Without each stitch the quilt would be far less strong and less likely to last generations. When I stand back and choose to look at the whole picture I find I am greatly impressed by every one of those stitches. Just as I believe God is pleased when we continue to strive to be even one small stitch in his great plan.

All of our situations are different and as this state of emergency evolves we may find our ability to help is restricted more and more. So I just wanted to offer encouragement to continue to strive for even the smallest ways to be of service. To ignite in yourself the appreciation for the one tiny stitch and find joy in being some of them, knowing each one is an integral part of God’s strategic plan. We may not each make a quilt all of our own doing, but we can be one small part of something so very impressive, that has been in the making since the beginning of time and will continue for generations to come.

Stay safe and God bless

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