Why Fresh Food?

Our bodies are alive and they thrive on food that is alive!

Enzymes are involved in every process of the body. Life could not exist without them. Everything from the functioning of our immune system, bloodstream, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, as well as our ability to see, think and breathe are all dependent upon enzymes. Young adults have a high-level of enzyme reserves in their tissues but as we age this reserve is much lower and often depleted. If we do not replenish our enzyme levels, the body has to replace enzymes from within itself, stealing enzymes from all parts of the body, which in the end causes exhaustion, premature aging and a low energy system.

Fresh, live, raw food is packed with enzymes. When we cook our food it destroys its natural enzymes. Ultimately our bodies cannot properly digest food without digestive enzymes, and it can’t turn the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in that food into something useful without metabolic enzymes. These naturally occurring enzymes are completely destroyed in any food that is canned, pasteurized, baked, roasted, stewed or fried. At 118 degrees F ( approx 44 degrees C) all enzymes are destroyed. Such food no longer carries on its designated function. Although the physical protein, fat, etc molecules are still present, it has lost its life force. Much like a battery that has lost its power, the physical structure remains but the electrical charge that once animated it is no longer present.

Your body will thank you for adding more fresh live food to your diet! To learn more about enzymes in food/supplementation and health in general or to find out more specifically what might be holding your body back, book an appointment today.

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